Preschools unidos en tiempo de Covid19

A few weeks ago we were separate preschools; unique based on ideology and geography,  focused on our individual communities.

Today we address you, our parents and students as one voice.

Although we can’t see you every day please know that you are in our thoughts.  We miss you and we are still working just as hard every day, evolving and preparing for the new normal.

Now more than ever our communities need us and our employees depend on us. Let’s face it, we all need help and that’s ok. Balancing work and family has always been a challenge in the best of times.

Yes, things have changed, this pandemic has forced us to look at the world differently and although most of us have been making temporary sacrifices, your child’s education should not be one of them. Those of you that are still working and specially those who can’t work from home need a safe place for their kids.

We understand your concerns about safety. We share them and, as always, are equipped and ready to provide the same care while adhering to every safety protocol that is currently in place.

What you may not know is that although these guidelines are relatively new to most of you, we follow them every day. Your child’s safety and wellbeing has always been our top priority.

We are preparing to open our facilities, each school on its own schedule.

Here are some of the guidelines for returning to school.

Each family must agree to disclosure of risk-related travel, exposure, and or any symptoms like elevated temperature or other indication of communicable illness within the family on a daily basis as a REQUIREMENT for all participating families.

All Faculty and staff will wear protective gear at all times while on premises

We will take each child’s temperature daily at the morning drop off (maintaining the results in a confidential way) and a second time after lunch. Children with a temperature will be turned away to go home to recuperate for 14 days.

We will have small class environments. Indoor and outdoor classrooms will have physical separation by groups.

We will be implementing enhanced hygiene protocols. Children will wash their hands regularly. We will have hand sanitizer at the entrance and in all classrooms. Cleaning personnel will clean surfaces throughout the day.

Parents will not be allowed into the school grounds or classrooms. Parents may enter the front lobby by appointment only.  We ask that when outside for drop off or pick up, parents engage in social distancing and maintain a 6 footspace between you and the next parent/child.

So let us help you by trusting us to do what we do best: caring for your little ones.

Please Contact your individual school administrator for more details on their individual return to school program.

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